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Looking for reliablecosmetic dentistryinEnterprise, AL? Why not trust the experts at Enterprise Dental Associates. Not only do we have experience treating a wide range of conditions, but we also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures as well. Learn more about our treatments and services and see how we can provide for your needs.


Depending on the type of treatment you received, it may be necessary to have your tooth restored to its original size and shape, receive additional physical support for your treated tooth and get a “makeover” for your affected tooth. For such cases a crown is the most natural option. Here part of your tooth remains but is essentially rebuilt to completely cover your original tooth and to resemble it at its exterior best. Such procedures, especially for porcelain crowns, are recommended in conjunction with prior repair of the tooth. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry options and procedures contact us in Enterprise.
Cosmetic dentistry in Enterprise, AL


Having a missing tooth can have a serious effect on both your smile and health. Missing teeth can cause: a shift in your alignment, increased risk of periodontal disease, risk of tooth decay, speech problems, loss of surrounding teeth and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). Bridges serve a restorative as well as a cosmetic purpose. Recent studies show that the adjacent teeth will tend to last much longer when a bridge has been installed. Bridges last from 8 to 15 years and for even longer if good hygiene and brushing is maintained. Contact us today to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and more in Enterprise.
Cosmetic dentistry in Enterprise, AL


Be it from disease, malnutrition or genetic disorder, sometimes it is necessary to take out all of a patient’s lower or upper teeth. Although this can be devastating, dentures can provide a second chance for a natural smile. A full set of dentures helps with chewing as well as supporting one’s facial structure and improving speech. Complete dentures are not necessary at all times, as partial dentures can replace a string of missing teeth that are tied to your original teeth with clasps. No matter the variation of dentures you decide to adopt, rest assured they will be naturally colored to match your face and tooth structure.
Cosmetic dentistry in Enterprise, AL
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